Redstone Input Port

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The Redstone Input Port is an upgrade which allows web pages to read the redstone levels around the screen.


Upgrade redin.png

The item on the left is a Blank Upgrade.

How to use

Like any other upgrades, install it by right-clicking on a screen with the upgrade in your main hand. You will need the "Link & upgrade" permission to do that.


  • The upgrade name returned by GetUpgrades is webdisplays:redinput
  • If this upgrade is used in combination with the Redstone Output Port upgrade, the redstone level obtained by any of these queries/callbacks on an emitting block is undefined
  • For more information on how to use these queries, check out Screen#JavaScript


This upgrade adds the following queries:

Query name Arguments Return value Comment
GetRedstoneAt int, int {"level":int} 0, 0 is the bottom left block. Rotation is not handled.
GetRedstoneArray None {"levels":[int]} The level of the block at (x, y) is at index y * width + x


This upgrade adds the following callbacks:

  • webdisplaysRedstoneCallback(x, y, level) will be called if the redstone level of the block at x, y has changed.